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Cyber Solutions is a locally owned and operated technology company that provides residential and business technology services including internet. Cyber Solutions would like to welcome you to the community with a move-in special. So, if you are moving your home from another community into Western Acers, or purchasing a new home from Western Acers, we are giving you the first three months of our internet service for free! Our internet offering is an always-on wireless-based technology that offers fast and reliable high-speed internet service with no data caps or throttling. Included with our internet service we provide a Wi-Fi router, static IP address, and free installation with no contracts! If you have questions or would like to schedule an install, please call (515) 989-2788 Option 2. Please note, that this special promotional offer is only valid for one year after your move-in or take-ownership date.


We have a new program available to ALL residents of the Western Acres community. In an effort to create a more inviting place to live, we are implementing a Beautification Bonus. This is a one time offer per household to receive up to a $400.00 reimbursement for approved landscaping creating curb appeal.


Upsizing Or Downsizing

WHO is this for?


  1. If your current home is acceptable to remain in Western Acres, you may sell it to an approved buyer.
  2. If your current home is NOT approved to remain in Western Acres, we will pay the demolition fee- a $6000 savings!
  3. If your current home is acceptable to remain in Western Acres AND your approved buyer wants to remain in our community, but you want your New Home at your current lot, we will pay up to $5000 to move your current home to a new lot within Western Acres.